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Current and Past Masters and PhD Students

The following is a list of PhD and Masters theses that I am currently supervising. This is followed by a list of completed Masters and PhD theses that I supervised.

Current Supervised Theses

(note that the titles are usually of my own invention and have no connection to the “official” title, nor to the title that the thesis will finally have)


  • João Palotti, Estimating Trustability and Readability of Medical Documents
  • Linda Andersson, The Essence of Patent Retrieval (co-supervised with Andreas Rauber, TU Wien)


  • Roland Honeder, Using Query Expansion in Patent Application Information Retrieval

Past Supervised Theses


  • Naeem Bhatti, On the Contextual Co-occurrence of Local Features in Images
  • Rehan Ullah Khan, Contextual Skin Segmentation For Content Filtering (co-supervised with Robert Sablatnig, TU Wien)
  • Julian Stöttinger, Detection and Evaluation Methods for Local Image and Video Features (co-supervised with Theo Gevers, University of Amsterdam and Nicu Sebe, University of Trento)
  • Lech Szumilas, Scale and Rotation Invariant Shape Matching (co-supervised with Robert Sablatnig, TU Wien)


  • Thomas Kern, Feature Selection with Mutual Information for Patent Categorization (co-supervised with Linda Andersson)
  • Jana Machajdik, Affective Image Classification  
  • Katrien Beuls, Text Categorization for Intellectual Property     (co-supervised with Rob Clark, University of Edinburgh)
  • Julian Stöttinger, Local Colour Features for Image Retrieval  
  • Stefan Kuthan, Extraction of Attributes, Nature and Context of Images  
  • Florian Seitner, Robust detection and tracking of objects  
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