I'm involved in the following funded projects:

  • KConnect (Coordinator) - Multilingual medical text analysis and search (EU Innovation Action)
  • ADmIRE (Principal Investigator) - Abstracting Domain-Specific Information Retrieval and Evaluation (Austrian Science Fund (FWF))
  • VISCERAL (Coordinator) - A cloud-based evaluation infrastructure for medical image analysis and search (EU Support Action)
  • MUCKE (Coordinator) - Multimedia and User Credibility Knowledge Extraction (CHIST-ERA project)
  • Khresmoi (Scientific Coordinator) - Medical Information Analysis and Retrieval (EU Integrated Project)
  • PROMISE - Participative Research Laboratory for Multimedia and Multilingual Information Systems Evaluation (EU Network of Excellence)
  • PerFedPat - Pluggable Platform for Personalized Multilingual Patent Search (EU Marie Curie Postdoc Fellowship)
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